Teenagers (12 to 18 Years)

The age of a child in between 12 to 18 years of age, are teenagers with changing physically, socially, and emotionally. Youngster may at times be a source of frustration and exasperation, not to mention financial stress. But these years also bring many, many moments of joy, pride, laughter and closeness.

Finding fun toys for teens is not always easy. Gift cards, cameras, smartphones, televisions, iPads, tablets, and gaming devices like a Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, Xbox One or PS4, all seem to top their wish lists.

While this age group is one of the most difficult to buy for, do not worry, there still are some really great interactive games and toys for teens that will be sure to bring some fun and excitement to the entire family. Combining learning with fun is what makes the best science toys and games so amazing. All products in this collection are educational, entertaining, and eye-opening. Young minds are naturally inquisitive and always thirsty for knowledge. Let’s play with purpose!

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